My, How Time Flies

I started this website/blog/venting session with the full intention of writing weekly, maybe monthly, but definately not once a year.  I had goals, dreams, and so many ideas.  What the hell happened to me???  LIFE

In the span of a year, I have had an insane whirl wind of a go round with the almighty LIFE.   Let’s do the short version of a recap.

  • Cooked some pasta from scratch, Hurricane Irma.  I cooked the pasta to get rid of the stuff in my fridge in preperation for the hurricane.  My first ever, mind you.  I was completely calm.
  • Went to Saint Emillion, Bordeaux and the surrounding areas.  I like to believe I won this trip based on my writting skills, but who am I kidding?  It was my employer who was impressive.  I made a best friend here.  He’s a genius!  I drank so much wine that my kidneys still haven’t forgiven me.  I blind tasted with an amazing Master Sommelier.  And most impressive of all, this was my first trip out of the country! AHH-MAZING!
  • I turned 30! Michael got me a Sous Vide and took me to play with animals.  #adultlife
  • I made awesome ramen from scratch with Sous Vide pork as the showstopper.  I like to pretend I am a chef sometimes.
  • I got invited to the first annual Sonoma Somm Camp.  What did I do?  I got back on a plane and flew to California.  The first night was so great.  I drank wine, ate amazing food and got evacuated from my hotel in the middle of the night because of the fires.  So I kidnapped my beautiful, motivated and talented friend in Napa and we hopped around SanFran and the surrounding areas for 5 days of exhaustion, but good drinks and food.  We even ran into this guy my boyfriend and I know from back home and had a great, yet stressful, time.
  • I carved Harry Potter pumpkins for Halloween and went to work.  They rotted before Halloween anyways.  Florida Humidity is not friendly to pumpkins.
  • I started shopping for a home to purchase.  I looked at a lot of homes.  Almost 70 to be almost exact.  My realtor was a saint.  I questioned my sanity.  I cried.  I put in offers.  I backed out of offers.  I cried.  I drank wine.  I drank whiskey.  I drank sake. I drank.  Finally after two and a half grueling months, I even bought one.
  • I consulted on a wine list for a private club in the midst of all of this.  I built that wine list.  Then I took a new job at the same time.  One I had interviewd for over a period of FIVE MONTHS.  I did all three for a full month.  “I’ll sleep when I am dead,” they say, “It’ll be fun,” they say.
  • I went to Art Basel Miami with Perrier Jouet.  It was amazing.  We drank enough to put an elephant out.  Oh shit where did that elephant come from?
  • I forgot about Christmas.  I just bought a house, I was trying to move in while working three jobs.  I took pictures of other people’s trees and made winter cocktails to make up for it.  Drinks fix everything, right?
  • I quit my initial job.  I opened a new restaurant as a ‘Wine Lead/Sommelier’ the day after New Year’s like a psychopath and got pneumonia.  Good times had by all!
  • I gave up my life, chopped off my hair, drank wine with Master Somms as ‘research’ and made tacos.  First time cooking in months.  Yes it was a Tuesday.  Do you really need at ask?
  • My brother got married in Texas the week we opened to the public.  I abandoned them.  So worth it!
  • From this part it is hard to tell what I did other than try to perfect my new position. There are a few scattered photos of alcohol, random meals and a new fire pit I bought for my boyfriend, because you know, in Florida everyone needs a fire pit!
  • I met amazing people.  People that keep me sane!  Two of the smartest people I have ever met.  They also like wine and whiskey.  Did I mention they keep me sane?  We went to Bern’s to drink wine and whiskey and keep sane!  Best Meal Ever!
  • I DRANK:  Latour Tasting, Gramercy Tasting, Chocolate and Wine Pairing Menu, Marlin’s game and Joe’s Stone Crab, I sold wine (insane wine I never thought I would get my hands on), Mondavi To Kalon On The Road Certification, Frose, and I could go on forever.
  • I took my boyfriend camping for his birthday.  Hahahaha.  He’s a city boy.  We camped in the Everglades with the gators and the mosquitos.
  • We flew to NYC for the 40th Anniversary Wilson Daniel’s Event.  There was Domain Leflaive, DRC, Arista, Dal Forno and so many others I wish I could brag about.  But who cares?  I stuffed my face at Ed’s Lobster Bar, Morimoto’s Place and who knows what else.  Oh it was National Negroni Week too!  We may or may not have had a few.  I like to believe we are experts.
  • I cooked dinner for Michael’s family… at my house… for the first time.  It was stressful, but successful.
  • I flew to St. Kitts… I didn’t work at all while I was there.  It was so great.  There was water, mountains, jungle, ship wrecks and rum!  Not wine.  No work!  But I did cook whole snapper to make tacos while I was there.  The highlight: drunkenly laying on my back in the middle of an undeveloped street watching the meteor shower.  Beauty at it’s finest.  Also, my company was incredible!  Thank you for the house so this trip could be possible.

That was the short version.  Can you believe that was the short version?  I am home sweet home with the velociraptor and other animals.  I am so happy to be home.  And obviously I am relaxed and motivated to get this thing going.

I came home to a full steam week of launching a retail program at work.  I own that bitch too!  Not to mention, I have cooked twice in the 2.1 days I have been home.  I am pretty impressed with myself sometimes.  Oh, I also drank some wine.

So what’s new and where am I going?  I am comtemplating this life/lifestyle constantly.  I love the work travel, the work benefits, the wine, the cooking, and the endless supply of wine flowing in to my house.  In the last eight months I have learned an unbelievable amount.  I wouldn’t be here without the support I have received from my vendors and my other friends in the industry, Michael and my beloved wine and whiskey.  I manage a retail program, a wine list, a growing wine team, menu design, email blasts, supplier meetings, my boss, member relationships and I program computers.  Haha, you weren’t expecting that last part, were you?  It is a good time.

Now, let’s see where the next eight months take me.  Just kidding.  I be back before that!  I swear!

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